Bass University & Angler's Inn Bass Fishing Adventure
Lake El Salto in Northern Mexico

For booking, $100 Bass University TV PRO subscriber discount, and any other details, please contact Hanna Robbins at


  • Fly into the Mazatl├ín airport early Monday afternoon. Anglers Inn will pick you up and you'll be sipping on a Margarita and rigging up to go fishing within an hour and a half!
  • Fish until the sun goes down for El Salto's world class bass
  • Enjoy dinner with the entire Bass U crew

The Next Three Days of Fishing

  • Complimentary knock on the door for your wake up call with some fresh OJ
  • Breakfast with the Bass U group as we prepare for the morning adventure
  • World-class fishing looking for that giant topwater or swimbait bite!
  • A break for lunch and a siesta
  • Back out to chase after that 10 pounder!
  • End the day with another fun dinner with the Bass U crew
  • Go to sleep to do it all over again!


We will load up our things and Anglers Inn will take us directly to the airport with plenty of time to make our flight.

The following is a pack list our Program Manager and experienced Anglers Inn customer, Justin Kimmel, put together for what to bring on this trip:

  • You only need a few changes of clothes. Anglers Inn will do your laundry every morning.
  • Bring 3-4 reels. You do not have to bring any rods as Anglers Inn has plenty of St. Croix rods to choose from.
  • Fishing Line. Bring what you're comfortable throwing. If you're a mono guy, bring it. If you use braid, bring that. If you use fluorocarbon, yup, bring it. If you're like us and want to have options, bring as many spools as you think you might need. The advice here is to bring what you're good at using and make sure it will stand up to the abuse the variety of cover that's in El Salto will put on it. Justin is bringing 17-25# fluorocarbon and 50-65# braid for baitcasting gear and 30# braid with 15# fluorocarbon for his leader material for his spinning outfit.
  • Lures: Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Frogs, Swimbaits, Topwaters, Crankbaits, Soft Plastics and Terminal Tackle. You can find all our recommended tackle at Tackle Warehouse
    • Jigs: Anything in the 3/8 to 3/4 range will have you covered. Bring your favorite colors, but don't leave Black & Blue at home! Bring your favorite trailers.
    • Spinnerbaits & Chatterbaits: Anything that looks like a shad, white & white/chartreuse. Justin reminisces about using a 3/4 oz spinnerbait with a 10" worm trailed behind it to catch some of his biggest Mexican bass.
    • Frogs: You know what Ish Monroe says, you only need two colors. White for the bright days and black for the dark days.
    • Swimbaits: Some of the favorites down there are Keitechs and Skinny Dippers and 5" Hollow Bellies. We know Fred will be throwing his Boom Boom and who knows what else! For you big swimbait lovers, if there ever was a trip to chunk them around, this is the trip for it. Bring your favorites.
    • Topwaters: Bring a couple big poppers (1/2 oz size) Ricos and Yellow Magics are some favorites, we can't wait to try the Storm Cover Pop down there. Bring a couple of your favorite walking baits like a spook and a sammy. Throw in a white and black buzzbait. Word is they're knocking the paint off a whopper plopper right now. Wouldn't you hate not to have one if they still are when we are there!
    • Crankbaits: For El Salto, you can break it down into 3 categories really. Lipless crankbaits, Square Bills and Deep Divers. Lipless- Bring your favorite color but make one chrome. Square Bills- Again, your favorites, but bring a couple in the 2.5 size. Deep Divers- Favorites. Justin's favorite down there is a Bomber Fat Free Shad BD7 in Dance's Citrus Shad. Pete Robbins' El Salto favorite is a 10XD in barfish(he cranked on 30# braid!) Anything that looks like a shad or tilapia will catch em at El Salto!
    • Soft Plastics: To make a little simple in this category, you could basically bring your soft plastics in Black/Blue and Watermelon Red and be set for the whole trip. Do that with 10" worms, 8" Lizards, 6" senkos and your favorite creature baits and you'll have more than enough to catch 'em.
    • Terminal Tackle: Bring what you got to throw a Texas Rig and Carolina Rig, but also anything else you want to try. Make sure your hook sizes accommodate the size of the plastics you will and you have enough weight to cover a variety of depth ranges. (1/4 to 1 oz weights should do it)
  • As with fishing anything can happen, but based on some info we've recently received and past history of the lake, there is a good chance for the bass to be keyed in on big tilapia (in 5-8" range). Tilapia, along with shad, crawfish and iguanas, are what the El Salto largemouth live on. This means the big profile baits may come into play, as they often do down there.